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Joyce Makes Three


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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Results

I thought my appointment went along fine.   After I came home I found that I have to go have my lungs e-rayed,  I have to go see stomach doctor, a lung doctor, a nevrologly  doctor,  and to get some iron supplements to take.

I was taking a breathing treatment on a breathing machine with bromide albuterlot medicience three times a day.  She took me off that and told me to use my puffers Advair and Combivent.

Diane, Natalie and I want to go down to Edinburg to visit with Jean over a four day week end about March 20th during Natalie's spring break.

I was touched by the honest, loving, thoughts that Former President George Bush shared with us about his wife, Barbara, and her heart surgery.  That was sweet.

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