Joyce Makes Three

Joyce Makes Three


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All Messed-Up

Ever have one of those days when your right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing?  Well, I feel like that this morning.

Natalie is not going to school today.  Diane or Sean is still here and hasn't left for work yet.  One of them left for work and it must have been Diane because it is almost ten a.m.  Sean must be working until late this evening.  I just heard Sean come out of their bedroom and say, "Good Morning!" to Bob and Maggie; and right now he is saying hello to the cats.

Bob turned on the TV down in the family room and it is so loud I can hear and understand every word of the program he is watching; but I can just barely hear what is happening up here in the loft where I am watching another TV.  In Bob's defense I will tell you he has to have it turned up loudly to hear it, but it certainly is annoying.  I think that is the bane or tale of woe of most wives because the men in their lives are hard of hearing.

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Stonefrog said...

I've never given up looking for entries. Love to read what is on your mind.