Joyce Makes Three

Joyce Makes Three


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I began writing this blog April 11, 2007 and my last entry was August 18, 2008.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Results

I thought my appointment went along fine.   After I came home I found that I have to go have my lungs e-rayed,  I have to go see stomach doctor, a lung doctor, a nevrologly  doctor,  and to get some iron supplements to take.

I was taking a breathing treatment on a breathing machine with bromide albuterlot medicience three times a day.  She took me off that and told me to use my puffers Advair and Combivent.

Diane, Natalie and I want to go down to Edinburg to visit with Jean over a four day week end about March 20th during Natalie's spring break.

I was touched by the honest, loving, thoughts that Former President George Bush shared with us about his wife, Barbara, and her heart surgery.  That was sweet.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have a bout of pneumonia and it's driving me crazy.  I cough, my nose keeps running, I cough up nasty stuff, and I can't breath.  I am miserable.  My fingernails are too long and to cut, my toenails need to be cut, my hair needs a trim, and I need to shave my legs.  I must have a bad case of dandriff and that drives me crazy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Late At Night

I have posted since the date on the preceding post, but I don't know where - - - I thought it was on this blog.  Who knows????

Oh, my!!!  My fingernails are too long!!!  I need to cut them shorter!!!  NOW!!!!  But I am busy and I don't know where my clippers are hidden, well, they are out of sight.  The house is dark and everyone is sleeping except me.

Sure wish I could visit with Mother and Daddy.  I really miss them.  My girls, too; Beth and Jill; not to mention my grandchildren.  Yes,  I know I will see my girls, grandchildren, and other loved ones this summer, but  I have to wait until I go to another place to see Mother and Daddy.

I just saw that cute little red headed girl with Howie Long in a commercial.  She is so darn cute.  I miss being around little ones. They are so interesting.

I don't know why but I just went to some dark place and I feel bad about myself.  Don't worry I will be ok in a little while.

No Idea

I have no idea of what the date is, and I just learned it is Thursday by looking at the date on this page, but it doesn't say what month or the date.  I guess someone will tell me if I need to do something.  Bob just walked up the stairs and told me to take a shower.  I guess he thinks I stink. Mercy!  Mercy! I wonder what is happening for me to deserve that.  I guess he thinks he is my keeper.  I didn't know I needed a keeper.  Guess I will let him feed me!  Maybe I need a pat on the back when I do a good job.  Natalie just came out of the bathroom, so I'll wait a while because it is busy.  I swear I don't know what I do for him to treat me so sharply, that I feel like a dunce or someone who can't make decisions for herself.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hello! It is me!

Can you believe it?  I am on my blog.  I don't have anything interesting to share, except I probably have two daughters angry with me because I haven't done anything to communicate with them lately.  I forget to telephone them until I think of it in the middle of the night.  I am a  bad mother.  There are so many little things I need to do, but I can't remember what they are - par for the course.  
I don't do a thing everyday but sit on the couch in the loft and do nothing at all.  I am a mess, just sitting here and thinking of things I need to do and then don't bother to do one thing.  That's what you call planning ahead, not worth a darn with this old woman.